Tips to Get the Most of Your Leather Motorcycle Jackets

Posted by Marylyn Miniano on

Did you know that there are things you can do get the most out of your leather motorcycle jackets to keep them looking new all the time even after years of use? Here are some important tips you have to remember to care for your leather riding jacket.

  • If your leather coat gets wet during your ride, make sure that you let it air dry first. Don’t use any kind of heat source like a hair dryer, electric heater, or the like. You can use a clean towel to wipe off excess water, debris, or dirt which could have gathered on your jacket. After you are finished with wiping it, put the jacket on a good hanger to ensure that it will dry completely and hold its shape as well.
  • Use some clean water and a clean towel to wipe down your leather motorcycle jackets to get rid of any remaining road salt or dirt which has accumulated on them while you were out riding. Any left behind road salt can leave unwanted white stains on your jacket. In the same way that road salt tends to eat through ice on icy roads, it will also do exactly the same to your beloved jacket over time.
  • Get leather cleaner you can apply to your leather jacket. Use a soft and clean cloth and apply the cleaner to the jacket. When you clean, use smaller circular motions and ensure you clean the jacket thoroughly. See to it that you get into the difficult to reach areas like the ones along the seams where the zippers are often located, in armpit areas, below the collar, or anywhere debris and dirt can accumulate. As you clean your leather motorcycle jackets, you will soon notice that it restores its original look.
  • After you have thoroughly cleaned your jacket, the next step is to apply the leather conditioner. You can choose from various kinds of conditioners so it is recommended to choose the one of the best quality. Again, use a soft cloth to apply the conditioner to the jacket in tiny small circular motions. This method will help the conditioner penetrate much deeper into the jacket’s pores.  It is a must that you condition your leather motorcycle jackets at least once annually. When your jackets gets wet or is exposed to outdoor elements regularly, you might want to repeat this procedure as often as possible.
  • How you store your leather riding jacket is also essential to keep it looking new. When you store away your leather jacket for a long time, see to it that you store this in a properly ventilated area away from sources of heat in the home. Don’t store it near any damp or humid areas. Take note that your leather motorcycle jackets are made from animal skin. Just like your skin, it needs to breathe as well. If you cover the jacket while it is stored, don’t use any kind of plastic. Thin towels or anything similar lets your jacket breathe.

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