The Ultimate Guide to Everything You Need to Know Before Purchasing Faux Leather Jackets

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Faux leather jackets look exactly like the real thing, only they usually cost less and are ideal for people who are opposed to leather. You can find faux leather jackets in many different styles, ensuring that you’ll have no problems finding the best one for your needs. There are a number of benefits that these jackets have over regular leather ones, and thanks to the material, the colors and patterns are virtually endless.


One of the main benefits of faux leather jackets is the price. They cost less than standard leather jackets because they are made from different materials. However, just as much work goes into making them as a regular leather jacket, so you aren’t sacrificing quality. Another benefit is that you aren’t wearing something made from animal skin. While this doesn’t bother many people – who really like leather jackets – if you are opposed to things made of leather on moral grounds, then this type of jacket is for you. These jackets are also easier to care for since they often water repellant and far less fragile than regular leather jackets.

Type of Material

Many faux leather jackets are made from polyurethane that’s been specially treated to look and feel like leather. The polyurethane is attached to a base made of fabric, which is the part that rests against your body when you’re wearing the jacket. This not only makes it very comfortable to wear, but it makes for a higher quality piece. So many different faux leather jackets are virtually indistinguishable from the real thing for this reason. On top of that, these jackets have the same details as their leather counterparts. They close with a zipper or with buttons or snaps. They have pockets – interior and exterior. The polyurethane material isn’t limiting at all.


Faux leather jackets come in a number of different styles. You’ll be able to choose between motorcycle style jackets with plenty of metal details, long trench-coat like faux leather jackets with a sweeping collar and long length, bomber jackets that make you look like a pilot, and more. There are so many different styles available that you’ll have problems finding just one. You may find yourself purchasing several, just to have different ones to wear on different days. Basically, if a regular leather jacket comes in a particular style, you’ll have no problem finding a faux leather one to match. The material doesn’t prevent the designers from coming up with styles that will suit just about every person.


Another option when searching for faux leather jackets is the color. Since the designers aren’t limited by the dyes used on leather, faux leather ones come in all colors of the rainbow. Yes, you can find standard black, brown, maroon, and so-called “natural” leather shade. But, you can also find ones in bold blues and purples, shades of green and red, and even bright sunny oranges and yellows. And those are just the solid colors. Some faux leather jackets come in patterns, like florals and stripes. Of course, these make it clear that the material truly isn’t leather, but does it really matter when you can purchase and wear the jacket of your dreams? As you can see, there truly is no limit, thanks to the versatility of the material.

Browse Before Buying

Before you purchase your next faux leather jacket, take some time to see which styles you like. Since there are so many options available, going through them all may take some time. However, in order to keep from becoming overwhelmed by too many choices, pick one shop, such as and explore their many different styles.

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