The Best and Most Interesting Facts about A Classic Wardrobe Staple: Mens Leather Biker Jackets

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When it comes to classic jacket styles, look no further than mens leather biker jackets. These jackets, which are also known as motorcycle jackets, have been around since 1928 when the first one was designed for Harley Davidson. Since then, they’ve been worn through the decades, most famously by Marlon Brando in The Wild One and James Dean in Rebel Without A Cause. These jackets are still in style today, and many men can wear one to show off their “wild” side – even if they don’t own a motorcycle.


Although the first mens leather biker jackets were made for Harley Davidson (for the record, they sold for all of $5.50 at first), they are now manufactured for a number of different brands. No matter who makes them, however, motorcycle jackets tend to follow a set design. Unlike bomber jackets with their elastic bottom bands and sleeve cuffs, biker jackets are made entirely of leather. They don’t have cuffs or waistbands. Instead, the leather just ends, making for a very clean look. Also, motorcycle jackets tend to be cropped slightly above the waist. This just adds to their edginess.


The details are what make mens leather biker jackets stand out. Unlike other leather jackets that simply consist of leather, a few pockets, and a zipper, the motorcycle ones tend to have metal details. Some have additional buckles and metal findings; others have zippered front pockets that lay flat (as in, they aren’t patch pockets.) The metal detailing makes the jacket look anything but conservative. The ones with small metal spikes in certain parts can give them a 1970s punk look, and there are many other things that can be added to give the jacket a little bit of a unique design.


Mens leather biker jackets are available at different price points. If you want a traditional Harley Davidson branded one, then you are obviously going to pay more. However, thanks to the many jackets of this style on the market, as long as you open to any brand, you’ll find one in your price range. With that said, unless they are on sale, leather motorcycle jackets are usually around $100 or more. There are designer versions that go for much more, but those are hard to find. The ones in most stores are in the $100 range.


Traditionally, mens leather biker jackets are black. That was the first color that they came in, and when you look up the history of this style, you’ll see nothing but black leather jackets for decades. However, things have changed, and leather motorcycle jackets now come in an array of colors. For men, however, the choices seem limited to dark blue, dark green, dark brown, the traditional black, and maybe a deep gray. Obviously, they are meant to be worn with a pair of motorcycle boots, but like everything else, that’s changed over time. You can now wear a motorcycle jacket with just about any type of shoes.

Buy Your Ideal Biker Jacket

When it’s time to buy mens leather biker jackets, you first need to decide which color and size you want to purchase. If you want a classic jacket, then look no further than one made out of black leather. However, if you’re open to different colors, you’ll need to try to them or look at an array of them online before choosing. One good place to find mens leather biker jackets is at There, you’ll find them at a good price and in a size that will suit you. Everyone should own at least one leather motorcycle jacket!

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