Everything You Need to Know About Textile Motorcycle Jacket

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For the past few decades, it has almost become a way of life to see or hear about motorcycle accidents in different parts of the world. Many lives were lost while others were gravely injured. Concerned authorities have initiated research and this lead to the making of several safety gears for the benefit of all motorcyclists. A good example of these safety gears is the textile motorcycle jacket meant to reduce the impact of accidents and incurred injuries that follow.

Types of Textile Motorcycle Jackets

The type will depend on the purpose you have for purchasing a particular jacket, whether it is for cruising or racing functions. It ignited a competition among companies that come up with an extensive array of these jackets in different sizes and styles which serve the basic safety needs and fashion at the same time. This is why it is not a surprise that textile motorcycle jacket has gotten very popular.

When it comes to these jackets, the foremost basic principle is the comfort and safety quotient they offer. If you like to look stylish, it is also possible to choose a customized jacket which bears your own design. Many people refuse to wear jackets in humid and hot weather. But, these jackets are not a hindrance when you drive a motorbike and they are also extremely light. As compared to leather jackets, the protection that a textile motorcycle jacket offers is lesser. But, these are much easier to carry and can also reduce the shock or strain of accidental falls, thus reducing your injuries at the same time.

Surveys revealed that most professional bike racers opt for lined jackets in the same textiles in the underarm and groin area. You can also choose the same if you love to ride a bike and remain protected at the same time.

Benefits of Wearing Textile Motorcycle Jackets

Thanks to their amazing popularity, you can easily find a textile motorcycle jacket in your local market. If you are still unconvinced why you should buy one, below are the benefits of these riding jackets:

  • They are comfortable and they let your skin breathe.
  • You can wash and clean these jackets without too much hassle.
  • Different from leather jackets, they are resistant to water and abrasion.
  • They are weather resistant and durable as well.
  • Some jackets are made with reflective material that makes you visible to passing vehicles that can reduce the risks of accidents.
  • Resin coating of textile motorcycle jackets offer help in repelling oil and water to keep you dry.
  • These are made with reflective inserts which provide more visibility.
  • You can easily renew its repelling tendency through washing the jacket thoroughly.
  • These jackets come with removable composite protectors in the shoulder and elbow regions.
  • The side and neck regions are adjustable to your own ease.
  • You don’t have to iron a textile motorcycle jacket.
  • There are jackets aided with a steel shoulder protection.


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