How to Stay in Style with Custom Leather Jackets

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What are the benefits of buying custom leather jackets? Some may think that having a leather jacket is a great way to impress people but having a custom leather jacket is even better. There is something about custom leather jackets—they stay in style no matter how other styles change and can last a lifetime.

Benefits of Custom Leather Jackets

When you order custom leather jackets to fit your taste and your body, you become the designer as they will be uniquely different from everyone else’s leather jacket. You get to pick out the type of leather, color, fabric for lining, pocket placement, how many zippers to add and where, the stitch type, and the jacket type.

There are many ways to customize leather jackets to fit your personality or the personality you want to protray. Custom leather jackets can give you confidence and make you more attractive to the opposite sex so get ready for it.


Before ordering go to a store that sells good leather jackets and try some on to see what size fits best. It should fit snug but not tight. A good way to tell is if the zippers close easily and when zipped, can you move and bend your arms easily. Wear something to the store that you feel you would wear with the jacket so when you try them on, you’ll get an idea of what kind of look you want. Make a note of the size of the ones that fit good, as well as some features you like for when you order it, especially if you are ordering it online. If going to a leather tailor, they will measure you for an exact fit.


Think about the places you plan to wear it. Can you wear it to work if you have a casual type of job? The more casual you want it, the more zippers, pockets, and seam stitches you should have. If you want it to be more dressy, get less of those. Decide what type of jacket you want from the typical styles of the racer, the bomber, the A2 flight, or other ones.


The color should be black or brown only whether casual or not. You gals can get by with other colors better than guys but your main jacket should be a color that goes with everything, and black goes with everything.

Type of Leather

Be sure you’re getting real leather and not any ‘corrected’ leathers. After receiving your order, you need to check the feel of it for quality. A good top grain of leather should feel soft and flexible with just a bit of an oily feel to it. The most common real leathers are cow and lamb, which are both quality types of leather that are similar and a matter of what you prefer.


Be prepared to spend from $500 to $2,000 for most custom leather jackets. You get what you pay for so $500 will not buy high-quality leather. The more zippers, pockets, armor, and other designs extras it has the more it will cost. A high-quality leather jacket will last 20 years or more, which is only about $50 a year for a warm and protective jacket that will be an investment in your safety. It is smarter and better to spend less on your bike and more on your protective gear.

If the cost is too much for your budget, you may want to check out some faux leather or textile jackets that can also look attractive. Be sure to get an estimate or quote before ordering and order from someone that gives a guarantee that you can get your money back if you are not satisfied.

Get Ideas

It is a good idea for you to browse through different styles and designs of custom leather jackets to get a better idea of what you want before ordering it. A great place to browse online is Shopaholic Exclusive at We hope you can find one of the custom leather jackets that fits your personality and taste so that you can be the coolest dressed in the neighbourhood. 

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