Common Types of Cowhide Used for Leather Jackets for Women

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Cowhide is the animal hide most commonly used for the production of leather products, including leather jackets for women. Depending on the coloring and tanning method, different grades of leathers are created.

The process of tanning is long and even smelly and needs several steps. The hide is being soaked to make it soft and eliminate the hair. Depending on the hide’s thickness, brands, scars, and size, this will then be made into different kinds of leather.

Tanning has taken its name from the old process where tannins are used in vegetable matter for coloring the hides that was the original process of tanning. Leather tends to be supple but once it is soaked in water, this will turn stiff and lose its shape.

In year 1858, a method which used salts of chromium and chromium sulfate was invented. It made a more pliable and supple product that was much easier to dye since its color was light blue instead of brown. This doesn’t lose the qualities in water in the same way that vegetable tanned leather does.

Leather Options Available Today

  • Full grain leather – It is a kind of leather that is not split. This is not brushed or sanded to eliminate imperfections. The grain gets retained that gives it breathability, durability, and strength. After some time, it forms a patina instead of wearing out. Full grain leather is usually used in shoes and furniture.
  • Semi-aniline leather or top-grained leather – This is made specifically for production of upholstery and leather jackets for women and men. This is thinner and is more pliable since the upper layer is split away. It gets coated and treated to form extremely durable leather which is resistant to any damages from scratching, sunlight, and water. This makes liquids bead up that makes it stain resistant as well. It makes an ideal option for a racer jacket or motorcycle jacket. Once it is cleaned with the right leather care product, leather jackets for women made from this type of leather can last for a very long time.
  • Naked leather – It is often more expensive since this is made from higher grade hides with lesser blemishes. This is often represented to be natural with one side smooth while the other one is rough or nappy. Many naked leather hides are treated in aniline, a type of chemical that makes it porous enough to let it breath. It makes this a great option even when worn during hot weather. This can also absorb liquids or spills. Naked leather or full aniline leather feels natural and soft and is a wonderful option for leather jackets for women.
  • Corrected grain leather – It is a type of leather with artificial grain put on the surface. This is usually pigmented since pigmentation can cover the imperfections. This is made from not so high quality leather enough to make it top grain or full grain leather.
  • Split leather – This is part of the hide left after the full grain is split away. It can then be split to several layers if allowed by the thickness. Split leather could be created into suede or this could have a layer added to its top and embossed with leather grain.


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