Best Styles of Black Bomber Jacket

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Black bomber jacket was originated in early twentieth century. It is when the European bomber pilots were issued with long leather jackets to keep them warm while they’re at war in the air. As its fame grew in navy and military, various materials were used to make some bomber jackets. Aside from that, many styles were made for civilians both female and male.

As of now, there are lots of styles of black bomber jackets. Such items are manufactured in some colors including red and brown. Other jackets are styled on original flight jackets, even if these are brown frequently. The authentic features of A-2 style include collar clips, snap-down collar, epaulets stitched down, waistband, and knitted cuffs to keep the wearer warm and snug.

However, not every bomber jacket that is sold today is based on authentic designs, particularly the ones that are intended for women to wear. Different styles for women are made from leather and include flight-type variations.

Why Short Black Bomber Jacket is an All Time Favorite in Fashion World?

There is something that is certain with black bomber jackets that kept them in the fashion world for years. This is the timelessness of the clothing. Due to their popularity, the fashion houses continue making vintage-style black bomber jackets and fashion designers continue making new versions that they flaunt in new collections. Such factors ensure that these jackets continue to be an all time favorite of many people.

If you have doubt of their popularity, the only thing that you should do is to keep an eye out on the streets of the top cities in the world including London, Rome, Paris, New York, and World Cup Cape Town. You will also spot different kinds of people who wear bomber jackets. Some are brown, red, and black. Celebrities maintain the trend and everyone knows what top stars wear will also be their favorite.

Although fashion designers sometimes change some authentic features of such jackets, they’ll more often than zip up in front and would have pockets that one or other of marine or air force flight jacket styles have incorporated. Two of the famous designs are based on A-2 for bomber pilots of US Air Force, and G-1 for navy pilots and marines. Both of these are similar and practical, which fit well at both wrist and around one’s waist. There are also shearling jackets. These are typically made from sheepskin with conspicuous furry collars. These are also modeled on jackets that are issued around year 1939 to marines and air force. Other two usual designs are M-455 and B-3.

It’s interesting that most of the contemporary commercial manufacturers of jackets are styled on marine and military flight jackets have retained codes. That is the reason why you can easily determine where the design came from exactly. Normally, there’s no change at all to authentic designs. But, if you want something new, there are stores offering different styles of black bomber jacket nowadays.

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