5 Ways to Select the Best Motorcycle Jacket

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Choosing the best motorcycle jacket for you can be a real challenge but a fun challenge. It all depends on the image you want to convey and how much you want to spend. There are more people than ever before on the roads riding motorcycles with the newer and safer bikes, so the demand for better gear keeps the industry busy. If you drive defensively and are aware of every vehicle around you, you may be able to avoid accidents but wearing protective gear still is as important as wearing a helmet.

There are so many styles and fabrics to choose from and it could take quite a while to find the perfect one. There are many things to consider when looking for the best motorcycle jacket. Before going shopping for that jacket, ask yourself these questions so that you will be prepared to tell the salesperson what you are looking for in the best motorcycle jacket:

How to Determine What is the Best Motorcycle Jacket for You

  1. What type of rider are you?
    1. Are you going to ride around town or to work?
    2. Are you planning on riding a lot or making road trips?
    3. Are you a safe driver? What is your driving record show so far?
    4. Do you plan on doing motocross or sports biking?
  2. What style best suits you?
    1. Are you going to coordinate the look of your bike with your jacket and helmet?
    2. Are you willing to wear some bright color patches for safety?
    3. What type of fabric suits your situation best?
    4. What kind of weather will you be riding in the most?
    5. Do you have alternative transportation?
    6. Don’t forget good protective armor for elbows, shoulders, chest, and back.


There are hundreds of brands of motorcycle jackets that all say their jackets are the best. They offer a wide selection of fabrics, design, ventilation, and colors. Whatever style you like, it should fit snug but not tight. Your job will be to select a few you like and then make a decision of which is the best for you.

Type of Fabric

If you want this jacket to last a long time, real leather may be the best choice and the primary grades used for motorcycle jackets are cowhide, buffalo hide, or pigskin. Pigskin is good for cold winters but is not a durable as cow or buffalo. If you go with a textile fabric, it is best to get it with built-in armor for protection. Textile is good for a variety of styles and is great for nighttime as it is high in visibility and has reflective piping. It is also great for hot climates as it breaths. If you live in an area with more than one extreme, it may be best to get two separate jackets. Remember that the jacket has to take you through all kinds of weather and save you from road rash if you go down.


A high-quality leather jacket will last 20 years or more, which is only about $50 a year for a warm and protective jacket that will be an investment in your safety. It is smarter and better to spend less on your bike and more on your protective gear. Prices can vary from $175.00 to $5,000.00 with the most popular price of around $500 for leather. Textile jackets run from around $80 to $800.


The most popular color of motorcycle jackets is black but having some highlights in a bright color like red, white, or yellow will help in safety. White is getting more popular because it is much easier to see at night.

Browse First

Browsing through different styles and designs to get a better idea of what you want before buying it is the best way to find the best motorcycle jacket for you. A great place to browse online is Shopaholic Exclusive at www.shopaholicexclusive.com. We hope they can help you find the best motorcycle jacket for you.

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