A Short Guide When Buying a Sport Bike Jacket

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There is so much more to purchasing a sport bike jacket than simply wanting to look chic and cool. Contemporary motorcycle jackets have become the wonders of 21st century technology. On top of that, they have one of the most vital jobs out of all protective gear. Aside from the helmet, your jacket also protects your most important body parts. A serious injury to your upper body could easily lead to death. This is the reason why selecting the best jacket is as equally essential as picking the right helmet. In fact, you must never go riding when you don’t wear your helmet and jacket.

Here are some pointers to remember when you purchase your next bike jacket:


What material should be used for your jacket? Traditionally, sports bike jackets are made of leather and to this day, leather remains to be a really great material resistant to abrasion.

There are three key materials a sport bike jacket could be made from, all of which have their own pros and cons. The first material is denim which is a strong and rip resistant material commonly used for your everyday jeans.

An extremely famous choice is leather which taps into the fashion and culture of biking. This is among the oldest protective materials being associated with motorcycles. Meanwhile, textile jackets make use of different weaves and materials. You will encounter polyester and nylon.

You will also find a bike jacket with a combination of materials to let you use a single jacket throughout the year with only a tad of adaptation in between.


The main feature and purpose of a sport bike jacket is the level of protection it offers to you so you have to pay extra attention to the armor as well as other protective features that come with your potential option. The most crucial areas which need hard armor pads include the back, shoulders, and elbow. These upper body parts tend to hit the road first and the hardest during a crash.

The jacket you are considering must have armor pads in these areas or must at least have some pouches which will let you put your chosen armor pads to these spots. Some of the options you’ve got when it comes to armor pads are high density foam and Kevlar.


You have to be ready for numerous sticker shocks as far as sport bike jacket is concerned. These garments are being made of the greatest and latest materials. These have to undergo expensive testing and certification routines, and these are not made in similar quantities like mainstream clothing.

Everything will add up to the potential outlay which can total hundreds of dollars. Purchasing a motorcycle is a substantial financial investment so it is not a surprise that a lot of bikers shun from the thought of spending more on protective gear. However, it is one area in which going cheap is not the ideal strategy. This doesn’t mean that you should get the most expensive choice, though. You just have to be wise and ensure that the sport bike jacket you will get is worth every penny you spend for it.

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