5 Stylish and Chic Ways to Rock Your Bomber Jacket Women’s

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Whether you are shopping for your new bomber jacket women’s or you simply need fresh ideas on how to wear the one you’ve got, there are several tips that can help you rock this apparel in stylish and chic ways. 

Be Pretty in Prints

The world is going gaga over prints, from printed bed sheets, to tees, bags, shoes, and others. This is why it is not a big surprise why you shouldn’t try printed bomber jackets. You can get them in amazing floral, tribal, and even abstract prints. You can even don on your floral printed bomber over your little black dress and get everyone’s attention on your next party.

Go for Crop

You can also pair your bomber jacket women’s with a skirt and crop top to give a good view of your waistline. The jacket can add a layering effect to your ensemble and changes the look to sporty from simply pretty. Black bomber jacket, white skirt, white crop top, red pout, and red stilettos are the killer combination.

Bottoms Up

Pants and jackets are the perfect match made in heaven. It is the sportiest and safest way to wear your bomber jacket women’s. The secret here lies in how you pick your pants. You can choose from leather leggings, bell bottoms, printed trousers, palazzo, denim, and others. A plain bomber military jacket can definitely rock with all choices of bottom wear.

Have Fun in Maxi

Since a bomber jacket women’s can add that cool dude effect to any styling, the tendency is for them to look a bit more masculine. On the other hand, maxi dresses are the ultimate best friend of women. Available in various flares, patterns, and cuts, these are must-have for all women. Pairing your bomber jacket with your maxi dress can give you a feminine but casual appeal. A dark colored jacket plus light colored maxi is equivalent to complete awesomeness.

Shine Bright Under the Sun

Just because the day is sunny doesn’t mean that you can no longer wear your favorite jacket. Don’t think that this is meant only for colder weather. Bomber jackets are ideal fashion all year round. During a sunny day, put on your pastel colored mini dress and pair it with your oversized bomber jacket to achieve a layered and free flow look. You could even choose not to wear the sleeves and turn it into a stylish cape.

Be a Man

Since a bomber jacket is meant to be masculine in the first place, then, by all means, you can also wear them in a masculine way. You can wear your bomber jacket in a lot of athletic ways that can project the look of an independent and strong woman of this modern day. Loose tie, torn jeans, and a sports-inspired jacket is a classic style for the ladies. You can accessorize with a watch and sports shoes for the finishing touch.

Which of these ways do you want to flaunt your bomber’s jacket women?



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