4 Qualities You Really Need in a Bomber Jacket Womens

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Few things are as versatile and classic as bomber jackets. These leather jackets are made for both men and women, but it’s the bomber jacket womens that get most of the attention. A good bomber jacket is made of a smooth leather in a color that can best be described as a neutral. These can be worn with many different outfits, making them an essential part of any wardrobe.


Bomber jackets, also known as military jackets, are styled after the ones worn by pilots and other aviators. Lest you think that only men wore them back in the day, Amelia Earhart was pictured wearing hers quite a bit. These bomber jacket womens have an elastic waistband, a zipper in front that holds the jacket closed, and a collar that stands up when the jacket is zipped up all the way. The collar protects the pilot’s neck. Most bomber jackets also have pockets on the front – usually patch pockets – that are good for holding items like cell phones and keys.


Another great thing about bomber jacket womens is the fact that they come in a number of different sizes. This ensures that women will be able to find one that fits them. You’ll find them in the juniors department, which contains jackets designed for teenagers through women in their early 20s. The misses department tends to have clothing for women aged 20 on up, and it has more conservative options. Lastly, there are bomber jackets for plus sized women. This shows that everyone can find one that fits them, no matter their size.


The price of bomber jacket womens varies depends on several different factors. Since bomber jackets are traditionally made of smooth cow’s leather, the type of leather won’t really factor into the price as much as other things. Instead, the country where the jacket is manufactured, as well as the designer on the label, matter. Obviously, clothing made in the U.S.A., this includes bomber jackets, will cost a bit more than clothing that’s made elsewhere. This is just due to the cost involved in paying the manufacturing employees and the amount of work that goes into making the jackets. Items with a designer label will cost more as well unless you can find them on sale. That’s simply how pricing works.


You’ll find bomber jacket womens in many different colors. Some are traditional colors, such as brown and black, while others are more colorful. A blue women’s bomber jacket can be worn with just about everything from jeans to a work outfit. Usually, colors like black, brown, gray, and white are seen as neutrals. Neutral colors go with everything. However, there are more modern neutrals, like dark plum purple, navy blue, and even forest green that can be worn with a number of differently colored clothing. These “new” neutrals extend to bomber jackets as well. It’s a great idea to purchase a jacket in one of these colors.

How to Find the Best Bomber Jacket

Since bomber jacket womens never go out of style, purchasing one is an easy decision. The main choice that you’ll have to make is what color to buy. This is why you’ll need to look at your wardrobe to see which colors you wear the most before buying a bomber jacket. One good place to look for these jackets is www.shopaholicexclusive.com, where you’ll find a variety in a number of different colors and sizes. Remember that a good bomber jacket can last a long time, and you’ll never look out of place wearing it. For that reason alone, you need one.

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